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Greek is a dramedy set at fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University, which focuses on the social minefield that is the Greek system. Viewers will see this unique cast of characters navigate their way through this treacherous terrain as they try to find their place at Cyprus-Rhodes University. Greek – Season 2 Greek is a dramedy set at fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University, which focuses on the social minefield that is the Greek system. Despite their opposing houses, Calvin and Rusty strive to remain friends. Meanwhile, Casey has to decide what to do about Rebecca’s actions over spring break, and Rebecca’s continuous bad behavior doesn’t do the situation any good. Meanwhile, Rusty meets his new RA and turns to him for help. Elsewhere, Evan struggles with accepting the fine print on his trust fund. Cappie’s in need of new car.

What the cast of Greek looks like now

I totally have to start watching this series. I did the exact same thing this past spring I had heard of Greek, decided to watch an episode, and before I knew it I was done with the entire series. It’s one of the best shows I have ever seen and you really can’t help but fall in love with the characters. I definitely got teary-eyed at the end I call ABC Family shows my guilty pleasure.

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Throughout the course of the series, other non-Greek characters and situations are introduced, but they all tie into larger relationships with the Greeks. The series follows Rusty and Casey Cartwright as they endure the events surrounding the Greek system at Cyprus-Rhodes. There are six chapters, arranged into four seasons. The series stars Jacob Zachar and Spencer Grammer as the lead characters.

The house used in the pilot to establish the ZBZ residence is the same house used in the reality series Beauty and the Geek. The first season was halted in September due to the Writers Guild of America strike and returned March 24, , to a triple digit increase in ratings over the pilot’s premiere. The series was moved from the Tuesday lineup to Monday nights. On January 31, , it was announced that Greek would return for a third season, premiering on August 31, On February 19, , it was reported that the show had been renewed for a fourth, ten-episode season.

We’re all looking at this as an opportunity to come back, wrap up the show, and end strong.

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Turns out, Evan Chambers and Cappie can be friends! A then unknown, Zachar joined the young cast as Rusty Cartwright, Casey Cartwright’s younger brother. came in as a freshman with no dating experience and with little social life. The Real Reason Behind the Reset of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Next.

So, before I begin diving into the brand new, and sadly, last season of Greek, here is a brief recap of what happened on the finale of season 3. This season begins at graduation with everyone in their robes, ready to enter the real world. The president of the college Alan Ruck from Ferris Bueller delivers a speech that, well um, tries to make an impact on the graduates.

Ashleigh, Casey and Evan are all in their robes, looking as classy as ever. Rusty and Dale are there with signs and video cameras in tow. Rebecca is there, supporting Evan glad they are still together , and Heath and Calvin attend as a couple. The one person missing, that Casey keeps looking for, seems to be missing. Just a reminder, there are no refunds. Yeah, try joking about the 40 Grand we spend a year at school and see how many laughs you get.

Greek Recap: Defending Your Honor

Most series set in college would end their first season with the end of the school year, but Greek is operating under a really weird schedule — it took only ten episodes to complete the first half of the year, but only got to Spring Break Woo! The argument you could make, though, is that a show that has nothing to do with academics should probably climax in the throes of the party period as opposed to the exam one.

For the most part, the show follows its traditional patterns: Ashley is shallow and immature, Casey is self-righteous, Cappie is humorous but unfairly treaded on, Evan is pathetic, and Rusty has every possible bad thing that could happen to him, well, happen to him. However, furthering my respect for the series, at first the only person who views it as anything more than friendship between them is Rebecca, who has good reason to — her paranoia is fueled not by illogical and cliched plotting, but rather an emotional breakdown fueled by a tragic revelation about her Senator father That he is part of a high end prostitution ring.

Cappie as the concerned, doting and caring boyfriend is pretty much where the character sits most of the time in my mind, so ending him on that note would be doing the character justice. There was nothing necessary about that kiss, really — they could have just let Cappie and Casey relate to one another and potentially set a course for a new future.

The big news to come out of all this is that Cappie and Casey are back together, or so it seems. The babysitting story was perhaps a bit too on.

But there was another four-year chunk of a small group of people’s lives that will forever stick out in our memory: the four-season run of Greek. ABC Family’s critically-loved and fan-favorite drama about a group of undergrads at fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University took a realistic and compelling look at life as a Greek student, exposing what it was really like to rush a fraternity or sorority, how your brothers and sisters could change your life for better or worse , and all the relationship and drunken shenanigans that went down between the beautiful people living in the houses on and off campus.

Plus, all the themed college parties you could ever imagine! For fans who weren’t in college yet, it offered an honest look at what to expect should you decide to go Greek when you do arrive at college in the future. For fans who never rushed when in college for various reasons, Greek offered the once-in-a-lifetime chance to find out what fraternity and sorority life was all about, the good lifelong friends and awesome parties , the bad rivalries with other houses and within your own house , and the ugly hazing.

There was something for everyone. The episode was filled with happing endings Cappie graduated! Ashleigh locked down a successful job! Dale lavaliered Laura! Evan ended up alone!

Greek Spoilers: What’s Ahead in the New Season, Plus Casey & Cappy Together Forever?

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It’s not like you and Casey are back together. Cappie: Why do you care that I care? Why is the no real world Cleveland, will the bonus Jonas prove to. Greek’s Spencer Grammer: The Casey-Cappie Coupling Won’t Be a Boring Love Story.

And just like that, Greek is gone. But what a sweet finale it was. Two additional scenes are available in the ep, including one in which Evan and Cappie finally making amends. And if you miss your date with iTunes, Netflix will also carry the extra-filled episode. The spirit of KT is kind of the heart of the series. It represented everything that Rusty had started the series wanting, it was the growth place and coming of age location for Cappie — everyone had an experience there in the house and it felt like it was the thing that represented the series most.

I knew coming into this season that I wanted to put the KT way of life in jeopardy. How did that come to fruition? Destroying the set was powerful.

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Rusty and Jen finally have sex, but are tired of monitoring his roommate Dale’s every move to have the boys’ dorm room. Dale agrees to cut them some slack. When the couple kisses, instead of paying attention at a guest lecture from a physicist Dale idolizes, he declares petty war on ‘traitor’ Rusty.

Fun fact: after meeting on the ABC Family set, the pair got married in real life. James portrayed Calvin, Evan’s (Jake McDorman’s) little fraternity.

Attention Greek fans! Monday night’s mid-season finale of the show has gotten us all kinds of anxious. We’re so excited Cappie’s finally admitting his feelings for Casey to himself and to us and we’re dying to know what happens next. While we’re waiting to find out whether or not our beloved Casey and Cappie will finally get back together, we thought we’d reminisce a little.

With a little help from Spencer Grammer Casey Cartwright herself! Spencer Grammer: The only ball I made into the pocket was the last one when I scratched. I’m actually not a pool shark! SG: The rocks I walked on were fake. SG: We spent a really long time making it look like we were magnetically drawn to each other and that neither character kissed the other first. SG: The scene where he is checking on the engine was completely ADRed, which means we had to go in later and re-record the dialogue because it was raining and the sound quality was terrible.

SG: There are only three sides to that closet and it’s nowhere near the Kappa Tau stairs.

The BEST Episodes of Greek

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Brief synopsis: Cappie tells Casey that he’s dating Rebecca, which causes her to sleep Greek life: There are several important relationships in a Greek’s life. So much of a character that I don’t really feel like you’re real.

User Name: Remember Me? Will the two finally get back together? Will Ashley be supportive? The episode is full of competition and rivalry on the Cyprus Rhodes campus. One of the biggest blue ribbon competitions — Songfest — is approaching and the ZBZs are determined to win. Katherine throws a second curveball to the ZBZs by disqualifying their dance the night before the competition.

Will they make it work and win the competition? Cappie and Evan launch a plan in hopes of uniting their houses — but will it bring them together or push them even further apart? Meanwhile, Rusty and Dale are feuding over their science projects and decide the best way to settle the score is a good old fashioned battle bots competition.

Lots of hostility.

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